Treasures of ancient temple

Again, the fearless Professor Sanders goes on a quest for adventure! In front of him is the treasure of the Ancient Temple and many dangers. However, tempered by numerous brawls, the Professor is not afraid of either steep turns, or frightening monsters, nor curse. With him his loyal friend and experienced archeologist - Librarian. To be a researcher is not only to love to take risks, but also to possess certain knowledge. Sanders needs more helpers to overcome all obstacles quickly and without loss and to find countless treasures. If necessary, they will cover his back, showing their skills and learning a new one. Come to Professor Sanders' team and you're guaranteed fun, an extreme and, of course, a piece of treasure.

Baba Yaga's secret

She used to cook Grandma Yaga a potion in her house, but she got confused with the ingredients. Take and find yourself an old woman in a bizarre rope city. And she does not know how to return home. Tried to spell, nothing works.

Princess and sorcerer

Sometimes fairy-tale worlds intersect, especially if the magician wants to hide the artifact magically. So, the magician has decided to hide his amulet with the power to hide from the eyes of evil and unclean hands. I thought for a long time, I read books, I created magic, but I didn't find a better place than our world. And to protect him ordered two monsters scary - a goblin and a troll - so that no one has already escaped. But being in our world, they forgot the sorcerer's servants away from where this thing is. They go poor, only the note from the sorcerer in their hands is crumbling. They are looking for who would help them read the note and find a place. But it took a princess artifact to take the spell out of her doom. Will she be able to cope with this task alone without help or will there be brave men ready to help the girl in trouble?

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirate paths are confusing and incomprehensible, but if there is a treasure somewhere, the pirate must find it. Today the sea wolves are brought to a mysterious island. There are many legends about it, and the island has long become a bite for all adventurers. It is said that the innumerable riches of the one-eyed Boatsman are buried somewhere, and whoever finds them will never need anything. It is quite a logical reason to travel to the island. And if you still have a piece of card, it is simply impossible not to arm yourself with a couple of shovels. It would be good to bring with you a loyal team, which from danger does not run away and knows a lot. After all, if the treasure is protected, then it is easier to cope together. Join a pirate adventure and get your share of fun, extreme ... and treasure.

Tales of Liholis

In the hinterland of the evergreen forest, an elven city hid. Elves are wise and measured creatures, they do not like to be disturbed by the little things. Living in houses in the crown of trees, they grasp knowledge and skills unknown to people. One time a young king came to them. He wanted to learn how to properly govern the kingdom, gain the right knowledge, become a good ruler and favorite of subjects. The elves agreed to fulfill his request and he remained with them for training. Many years passed, and the queen studied everything and gained experience. And now it's time for the final test - to find the ancient elves artifact. He set off on his journey, taking with him only a sword and a faithful Pathfinder. Only the two of them became entangled among the elven trails. They would be worthy helpers to show themselves and the dangers of not being afraid.

On the trail of war

Hows, brothers and sisters! Hear! The Old White Feather Manitouga sends news all over the Great Plains - to the Great Lakes, to the Rocky Mountains, to the Broad Water. Trouble in the Valley of the Elders - the last young hunters were killed without a trace, went to catch an unknown beast of Chupacabra, which was found in the vicinity. All who followed his skin did not return to their tents. Woe to the elderly and women! All hope for the young trailblazers - a new tribe will emerge from them! Who gets to the Valley of the Elders will receive personal lessons from the most worthy masters of their craft. The Great Hunter will teach the skills of bow and arrows, cuddles and tomahawks; The Wisdom of the Witch Doctor The Golden Moon will reveal the mysteries of Indian tattoos, sign languages, and the language of beasts; The one who speaks with the spirits will teach to deal with the elements of fire and use shamanic tools, to test the skills of trailblazers and hunters ... If several clans claim the title of tribe at once, a fair competition will resolve their dispute. And all the contradictions have the Sacred Dance around the tribal campfire and the Tube Circle of Peace. The test will result in a hunt for the mysterious and deadly Chupacabra! Hows, brothers and sisters! We all said.