Want to celebrate your birthday in original way?

“Seiklar” and “Fantasy Land” offer joint project “Birthday” which includes two-in-one,  games and the rope trail.

Games start the program, which includes a shooting point (bow or crossbow), aqua-makeup, many other competitions, and of course a treasure chest. And after the games, the children pass one of the rope routes corresponding to the birthday age as a bonus.

  • 4-6 years – more contests and fairy tales;
  • 7-9 years – added quest and competitive games;
  • From 10 and older – quests and competitions are more difficult;

Up to 10 children have two costume characters. From 10 children more actors participate.

There is a format for graduation. The price depends on the wishes of the customer and the number of children.

We choose the theme and costumes of the actors in the process of preparing the party.

Cost of the party for up to 10 children 3500 UAH. The cost of the rope trail is specified depending on the age of the birthday kid.

You can order a party by calling (067) 319 40 11 or (097) 495 87 83.

There are also many other programs. We are waiting for you and your friends!

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